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Hello everyone,
this is my first post here!
I work for an amusements company as an engineer and am trying to use an arduino to connect to a coin mech (ie money controls sr5 etc) and hopefully be able to reprogram the coin values to update the mech for new coins. I've seen a couple of posts here that have cctalk in them but it seems like noone has been able to do this yet.
If anyone has any ideas, help would be much appreciated please  :)


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SR5 Serial Protocol Manual:

Generic cctalk protocol manual:

I think you want the "Teach Mode Control" command (202).  You will want 8 or more samples of the coin to be programmed.
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Thanks for the link  :)

It looks like I'll have to make an interface circuit to begin playing around with this so I'll find some bits later and give it a try.
I will post back when I've tried but any more help would be listened too  :smiley-red:



did you made any progress on this topic. I wanna start communicate with a cctalk device too. Do you have any starting point for me?

Thx in advance

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