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Can you, dear reader,  suggest how to get Arduino Unos fabricated in bulk with alternate header styles?  I know SparkFun sells the Arduino Pro without headers, but I want something with downward facing male pins, or female headers with extended pins so that I can mount the board upright on a 'motherboard.'  This is for embedment in a consumer product, so volume could be 500-2000 per year.


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1.  Contact Small Projects (the actual company that produces the official Arduino boards).
2.  Contact a 3rd Arduino producer like SeeedStudio or Freetronics.  They might be open to a short run.
3.  Design your own board and have the entire thing fabricated.
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Adjust the design for your actual needs. Do you need all the stuff that's actually on an Uno? Probably not if it is plugging into a motherboard.
For example, the reset switch, voltage regulator if 5V is available, the 3.3V regulator if you don't need to output that, perhaps the LEDs.
Maybe you want a crstal instead of a resonator. USB interface needed? Or will the motherboard take care of that? Want a uC with 2 serial ports and more memory?
www.cbas-usa.com in California can make all you need once you have a design.
I think they do turnkey as well. Or you have Digikey and your PCB supplier drop-shop parts right to  cbas-usa.
If you want all IO pins on one edge, I have designed a card like that as well.
Surface mount or DIP processor?
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