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Is it possible to convert the 0-10v PWM signal into a analog 10K Pot signal?

I want to use a "Typhon" controller to control the LEDs over my Aquarium

The LED drivers I have are dim-able using a 10k POT.

Here is a link to the controller including a link to the current sketch.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


You need to use a Digital potentiometer ic such as an AD5220. Or use an LED driving a CdS cell, which when combined with a fixed resistor can "emulate" a pot.


Sounds like the AD5220 is an easier way to go. How would I wire that to the PWM leads?


You don't use PWM, you send 2 bits to raise/lower the pot setting. pina transition high before pinb to raise, pinb transition high before pina to lower.


OK this sounds a bit more complex than I wanted. I was hoping for a simple PWM to Digipot circuit...


I was hoping for a simple PWM to Digipot circuit.

Sorry but no such thing. The signals are too different.
Does it have to be a digital pot? Could you not have the same effect by injecting the correct voltage at where the pot's wiper is?
If so you could use a FET in the linear mode. However, it is likely that you will have to design it yourself as it is some what of an unusual request.

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