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I'm uber new to arduino and pretty much electronics in general, I can make most things work by myself but I fear the current task I've set myself is too much for me alone.

I'm trying to attach an external D-RAM module that I managed to find in my old box of 1990's pc parts (these modules are off a 1993 Octek vga card)
It's not that I need extra memory for my projects, I just thought it might be interesting to learn how I might interface with a D-RAM module.

I did manage to find an old link to a very poorly drawn schematic for an atmega88 to a GM71C4256A (DataSheet [pdf]: http://www.bg-electronics.de/datenblaetter/Schaltkreise/GM71C4256A.pdf) but I couldn't read most the pin values etc...
link: http://spritesmods.com/?art=avrcpm&page=2

Any advice? I know D-RAM is outdated but since I have these laying around I'm keen to try it out...


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