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I have some of these old foldable Palm keyboards and trying oconvert it into a "normal" USB-keyboard.

I allready "decoded" the keymatrix at the internal connectors
I now want to use a teensy board (because it's capable to be a USB device for the PC) to  convert the key input-matrix tu standard keycode output at the USB port.
So every time to inputs are connected I have e "key pressed" event, which then should result in a keycode send to the usb output

So some questions came up (because I'm really new to HW programing):
- can I mix digital and analog pins for the matrix (e.g. A11 and D01 is keycode for "A", but D01 and D02 is keycode "B")?
-and is the teensy capable to send "keycodes" instead of letter? (with the teenyduino I have to choose a keyboard layout, when using it as a kbd emulation, but usually the OS defines the layout and the kbd istself delivers keycodes IIRC).

Pictures to follow..



you can use the analog pins for digital - the digital pins run from 0 to 23.  The analog pins A0 - A11 run from 22 to 11 (i.e. they overlap in reverse order).  See the pinout card they ship with the teensy.  So just use 0-23 and don't worry.


mclien were you succesfull on the keyboard attempt?


Also depending on which keyboard it is, most of the older boards were RS232 connected. A search for "Palm keyboard connector" should show which pins are what. And it would be easier to program then decoding a matrix.

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