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I think that although i have used kiCad, eagle but they lack in the simulation thing. I've taught myself KiCAD, which seems to be the best free linux-compatible schematic-and-PCB tool you can find. It also runs on Windows and MacOSX. I´m working to make: lioa to protect our house safety


well, you can also refer to Elecrow PCB service and there are many free design for your reference. It is cost-effective!!


Fritzing is awesome. You can create PCBs,Circuit Diagrams,Realistic view and also you can write programs and you can upload it on your programmer. It also automatically converts b/w modes described above. It is totally cool.
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"Fritzing is awesome"
Sure, just look at any of the fritzing schematics posted here in the forum.  They all stink!
Most folks can't get past pictures of wires attached to little non-descript black boxes that tell you nothing of their functionality - not even which pins are B-E-C or G-S-D on simple transistor.
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It depends on your project and PCB size. I have been using Eagle since a few years and it works very well for me. Nonetheless, you need to familiarize yourself with the PCB design software. But this may be true for other PCB applications as well. Usually, you should feel comfortable with Eagle after about one week.

There are also various Eagle tutorials on the Internet. Plus, if you encounter a problem, many Internet/Eagle users are willing to help you quickly.



1. protel、Altium Designer
2. Mentor pads
3. Cadence
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Would like to recommend Eagle .Free Eagle is limited to 2 layers, if I remember correctly. You may want to go with KiCAD, the learning curve is much steeper than the rest mentioned, but is not a restricted version...


I use eagle for years and I am quite happy. What I really like about eagle are the good tutorials and community that help you get started. Also check out their webinar



I am using Eagle, Design spark & KiCAD for my Free PCB designing. Check it.


I am using proteus..there are also some tools available online recently i cam across...here is the list

Proteus and is bit complex but has many features....i used kicad which is very simple and unerstable to beginners


Ok as there appears to be overlap, I am looking for a program that is great for circuit diagrams.  Not just for our stuff but for motor vehicle wiring looms etc.

So what's the best free program/s and especially if itself-optimises the drawing that'd be perfect.
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I use Easeyeda.com

Online and works very well for me.


I've used EasyEDA since last year and have been impressed by their service.
EasyEDA provides a free web based PCB design tool for anyone involved in electronics design and able to share the work with others. The tool allows you to import an old design from several other circuit maker tools, it has the ability to export the designs and simulation results in .PNG or .SVG formats, and can be a host for your partners and colleagues if they want to work on your projects.

They also can generate the Gerbers (which are free to download and can be used with any PCB fab house: there's no tie to EasyEDA). From within EasyEDA, the Gerbers can be submitted straight to EasyEDA for fab. It is equally possible to submit 3rd party Gerbers to EasyEDA for fab.

There are lots of examples on the site and a useful tutorial.



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