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On the March 29 , we are going to host a smart city event for the smart city apps in Amsterdam at the  RAI (one of Amsterdam's largest venues).This event is received the great support from organizations and also from various bodies in Amsterdam including the City of Amsterdam.

we have great interest to see how open source hardware is integrated into smart city concept, and therefore we welcome all the web, mobile application, and open source hardware developers to come( developers free of entry), at the same time we are also looking for speakers who are innovators and speaker working on awesome applications

Who we are looking for: We are looking for innovators/speakers who are working on some really cool applications. These should broadly conform to the idea of 'apps for smart cities' + themes elaborated here. We are interested in having speakers who are building/making apps. We can fund hotels and flights in most cases for speakers.

If you want to be one of the speaker, email ajit.jaokar@futuretext.com

Pricing is free for developers: for other tickets please contact me at the ajit.jaokar@futuretext.com . Since the event is also cross promoted with other events on the day, we expect the tickets will sell out very soon.

The smart city apps in our concept could be defined as: Apps for Smart city  =  Intelligent places + Data + Mobile apps + Community + Services = City as a platform

Thus, Smart city applications are similar to conventional mobile applications, but with the following additions:
-      Apps for smart cities would include hardware - typically open source hardware - which enables 'intelligent data' spots in         the city
-      The apps are typically oriented towards empowerment of citizens and to enabling Smart city applications
-      Apps for smart cities could use many existing and new mobile technologies including augmented reality, Android and other platforms but they also include hardware technologies like Arduino, BUG,Funnel  ,  Gainer  ,  Make controller    , Wiring ,  Sun SPOTs   , Pinguino  , Firmata  and others
-      They could also integrate with Smart city initiatives from existing vendors and new vendors like Cisco, Pachube,  IBM and others
-      Community would be an important part of apps for Smart cities

More detail info:  http://www.opengardensblog.futuretext.com/archives/2012/02/apps-for-smart-cities-still-looking-for-some-speakers.html

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