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anyone please help me i work out this circuit with arduino last two day nothing is getting work
please feed some ideas
i use the pic16f628a mc
and ardunio uno r3
by using breadboard nothing i ill get
if i use to program by using programmer.exe if its read but nothing is stored pls helpme


Try to use Arduinopic program without success..
when I write my .hex to pic it pass ok and Arduinopic shows "Finished"
but when I try to read data from pic I get ONLY 49 data words with complete different data.
Anyone had this problem?
What It could be?
Hello! I have the same problem with reading of PIC16F833 using this ArduinoPic programmer (only 49 lines readed). But when I am trying to write some .hex it starts and show "please wait" and nothing else. It is about 10 minutes of programming. Is it normal? How long time is needed? I have aborted the process and try again.

Does someone have the source code of C# application?


Do you know if this will this work for a PIC16F819-I/F?


Any idea if this would work with the PIC18F2321? I came into quite a few of these through my work and would like to see about using them in place of comparable atmel chips due to their greater speeds. I have quite a few of these so I'm not afraid to sacrifice several of them to testing if need be.


I also experience the problem "error in hex file:missing colon"!

The reading seems to be find, I use the PIC in c sharp program from the second post. Any ideas how to solve it are appreciated!



I know that this topic is very old, but I have PIC16F818 and I need to check if it works (eventually download flash). I can not find instruction on how to connect those pins. Can anyone help me?

Also, this seems to be fine, can anyone judge if it's ok?:

I cannot get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

I upload the code into the Arduino
I connect the PIC16F88 to the Arduino
I connect the USB
I connect the 12V
I hit the reset on the Arduino
I sent the reset command 'r' to the Arduino
I sent the HVP command 's' to the Arduino
I execute:
Code: [Select]
for i in `cat gateway2.hex`; do echo w$i >> /dev/ttyACM0; sleep 0.01s; echo i >> /dev/ttyACM0; sleep 0.01s; done
NOTE: For every line in the hex code it sends 'w' + <line data> to the Arduino. Then it sleeps for 1ms. Then it sends 'i' to the Arduino to increment the PC. Then it sleeps for 1ms.
Every command is acknowledged by the Arduino with 'D'. Still it seems to not be programmed. The 'r' command always returns 00000000. It seems the PC is never incremented.
As a side note - this chip can be programmed with low voltage.


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I realize this is a really old topic, but I want to build this and the original schematic is no longer available at its old link, but I think this is the original:

Thought it would be nice to drop it here in case anyone else wanted to build this.


Is this the complete original?  Not much there.


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