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Hi soranne,

sorry, I donĀ“t speak english very good

I know how to get 12V from USB port, There are two ways:

1.-With a coil and a zenner

2.- With capacitors, Diodes and a zenner

the first option are more easy but it is more difficult to get the coil.

I will post here how to make



I wrote a similar sketch for the PIC18F2550 ( a slight modification can adopt it to almost all pic18F2/4 family). the sketch and the instruction can be found over here:

Damn ! Project already done !
Well, I'll still try to do it, at least to understand the ICSP method and achieve implementation by myself.
But, even so I am disgusted ! >.< I was caught up again ! Just my luck !


Hey all! sorry for answering so late but I have been busy with a lot of homework :s
I have to say I am not sure I will be able to work again on this project because it involves a lot of time (coding a programming method for nearly every pic!).
What Is suggest is that someone who is really motivated gathers all the programming methods for each pic to make one nice prog.

Hope I can help again!


hi soranne where i can find your program c# to load pic?
also what is latest state your project?


and soranne your project page (https://sites.google.com/site/thehighspark/arduino-pic18f )  is broken
is there any alternatif link??


Dear mahk,

I am sorry this page is not my project.


hey soranne can you give me  alink for this project(circuit,program)
i need this project for my thesis in school


All the infromation I have is on the first page



A good project!
In case interested, I've created an Arduino programmer for PIC32 series. The details are found at http://code.google.com/p/ardupic32/.



Hi Soranne!

I think you save me! Please tell me that I can program a PIC18F452 or a PIC16F88 (with I prefer) using your project.


Hi Soranne!

I think you save me! Please tell me that I can program a PIC18F452 or a PIC16F88 (with I prefer) using your project.

Of course you can! But depending on the protocol they use you may need to adapt a bit the code.


But personnaly I would prefer the beaglebone to the raspberry pi ;)
The beaglebone looks more like an arduino (you can easily access the inputs/outputs and and shields)  and is more powerful than a raspberry pi, even if it's a bit more expensive.


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How do i connect the pic16f684? I checked the datasheet and it doesnt have pins labeled as RB4 RB6 AND RB7? :(


Hi all,

Mine is PIC16F887

Im trying to program it using your programmer (the .exe application) and have few question.

How to send the command "s" ? i want to program using low voltage.

and how to wire it? here's what I got from my PIC datasheet.(attached)

hoping someone can give me circuit suggesstion. thanks  :)


Hint: If you look at post #2 and there is no link to the *.exe file, you have to create a forum account and log in. An advise in post #2 would be nice.

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