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[size=20]Literati 2011[/size]

[size=20]Crisis X10[/size]

Are you interested in building innovative gadgets?

Ever wanted to construct machines to solve everyday problems but didn't know how to work with embedded systems?

Most of you have creative ideas but may possess too little experience to implement them. The world of microcontrollers and sensors can be intimidating to a beginner. One has to acquire the knowledge of the kinds of devices to be used, how to procure them, how to work with them effectively and with speed, to construct prototypes which can perform diverse and multiple tasks. While all of this might seem overwhelming, it can be done with the elementary knowledge of physics, with a mix of know-how from robotics, automation and prototyping.

You will be able to construct amazing devices, ranging from the serious 'constructing your own e-bike', to the quirky 'remote controlled desktop missile launcher'.

So participate in this workshop-cum-contest this Literati.

Generate ideas, build gadgets and share it with your friends and community.

The event will be divided into two phases, the first phase being a workshop and the second a practical application of the concepts learnt during the workshop in the form of a contest.
Prizes & Certification:

   * Every student in the workshop will get a participation certificate.
   * Prizes and certificates for the winners would be announced soon.


Application procedure:

   * Students will have to fill in a questionnaire, based upon which a group of 60 students (30 teams) will be selected.
   * They will be mailed the exact schedule, requirements and are recommended to follow it strictly.
   *  The registration fee for the workshop/contest is Rs 100.

Workshop day:

   * The workshop will be held during literati.
   *  The students will be taught various concepts ranging from robotics, embedded systems, rapid prototyping and  Arduino at a fundamental level.
   * The workshop will be held in two interactive sessions of about 2-3 hours consisting of a batch of 15 teams per session.
   *  At the end of each session the corresponding batches will be given a quiz followed by a demo of the next day's contest.
   * Each batch will be given ample time to tinker and experiment with the products to be used in the final event.

Event day:

   * The participants should be able to exercise the concepts learnt on the previous day during the contest.
   * The problem statement for the application contest will be introduced during the workshop.


   ·         All students with a valid identity card of their respective institutions are eligible to participate in this event.

Check the literati site for the registration link.


Check the link :


Fill it up and submit it  by 24th Noon

Any problem filling the answers or registering please contact us.


For any queries, drop a mail to theja2289@gmail.com or get in touch with:

Vishwa Theja


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