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Sep 26, 2006, 03:27 pm Last Edit: Sep 26, 2006, 03:40 pm by jabstarr Reason: 1
hello to y'all,
im planning to build a 1x1m 8x8pixel transparent touch screen display.
does anyone have experience with building this type of very low resolution touch interface?
i want it flat and free-standing, and preferably excluding computers, so a camera tracking solution wont work.
now, i know that touch screens are often made by a capacitative film of sorts.... is it possible to make this on your own, or is it really expensive? i'm hesitant towards buying any readymade solution (and buying a 30+" touch panel is not cheap!), since i need so low resolution and such a big screen.
i only want 8x8=64pixels, so im thinking that i might just be able to do something with 64buttons/types of film cut in seperate squeares each fitting a button and a specific resistance...? perhaps a matrix of 8 by 8 lines of semiconductive transparent material?
does anyone know of any suited conductive transparent materials?
jacob remin


Look at this description of using the Qprox Capacitive Touch Sensors

For those applications where you want to sense a person touching an object, but can't use a switch or a force-sensitive resistor, charge-transfer touch sensors can often be very useful. The one used in this example is made by Quantum, and it's very simple to use.


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