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First of all, I hope I placed this question in the correct sub forum...

I'm looking for a way to connect my arduino to a RS485 device (it this case a airconditioner) and read and write information (settings) to the device.
I've been searching for some time now, but most info I find is in Spanish  :(

Can anyone point me in the correct direction??
Please keep in mind I'm a arduino newbe! :)

! Thanks in advance ! ! Thanks in advance ! ! Thanks in advance !


Have you checked - shieldlist.org - there are RS485 shields there (and many more !!)

- http://shieldlist.org/linksprite/rs485 -
- http://shieldlist.org/dfrobot/ioexpansion-v5 -
Rob Tillaart

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Connecting via RS485 is one thing, being able to communicate is quite another. Do you have the software specifications re: the communications bus? They may or may not be easy to discover. If not, I'd stay away from this project as a beginner.

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