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My laptop or my nokia phone can successfully find my Bluetooth shield (Model:SLD63030P) which is connected to my Arduino UNO R3 when they search for bluetooth devices,However,my other 4 android phones can't find the bluetooth shield!.I really can't find what is the problem, Any help please?

Thanks in advance!



Sounds like the other phones don't support the Bluetooth Serial profile.
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I have the same problem.
My old Nokia 5310 and N80 can find and pair with the Bluetooth shield, but my LG or Samsung androids can not see the shield when I enable Bluetooth and scan for devices.
My bluetooth module is from cooking-hacks.com that connects to an Xbee shield, my phones are running android versiond 2.1 and 2.2.
I have installed sena BTerm a Bluetooth serial terminal from the android market.
Any help would be much appreciated


I'm involved in a discussion about the Seeeduino Bluetooth shield and some android OS's; namely versions 2.2 or below and versions 2.3 and higher. Please check it out at:

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