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I want to make a simple project, that involves reading input from keyboard and a mouse. After searching all I've found so far is that ps/2 peripherals work better than the usb ones.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial that shows more about this? I dont need it all handed to me just a nudge in the right direction! And maybe a website that sells ps/2 connectors? Thanks

edit: is it as simple as soldering a ps/2 port and use the programming language to handle the rest? I am a programmer so I can search the reference if that is all i need to do...

edit2: found it lol http://arduino.cc/blog/2010/01/29/connecting-a-ps2-keyboard-to-an-arduino/


you can get ps/2 connectors from old computers obiously, but they sell them at most real electronics shops, you need a 6 pin mini-din ... for example I got some really sweet panel mount ones from digikey recently, though they just had round pins to solder onto (probably meant for a crimp connector) though since I have wirewrap tools, no problem, though its something to watch out for.


Meh, that's another time you just hamhand the soldering and then slather the whole business in a half a pound of epoxy.  Wrap it duct tape for that "professional, polished" look.




Lmao I've done that with a 22 pin connector, solder and fill, and wrap very professional  XD

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