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i think it would be easier to ask (since this is what the forum is for) for some help. I've tried so many google searches and i come up with the same product or products unrelated whenever i put variations of this name.

basically im looking for an 11mm hex hub that fits a 4mm motor shaft.

can anyone list me places that i could go and find them?


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or alternatively anything that fits(still using the 4mm shaft):

-12mm bore
-1/2" bore or 12.7mm bore
- 8mm bore or 5/16"
- 11.2mm hex bore (7/16")
- 8mm hex bore (5/16")


Are you looking for a hex shaped hub?  Sorry I'm slow.
Will this work?



im using one of the polulu 4mm shaft motors.

those wont work because the supplier doesnt have a wheel with that sort of bore size :(


yeah i am considering those as one of my options, but non of the hex bores are that size. there is a circular bore of that size and i might put that into it and fill it up with nylon so it sticks. its a possiblity =/

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