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I have a senior project comping up soon. which involves using 4 servo motors, up to 5 stepper motors, A LCD Display, A keypad
Not all motors will be operating at same time

Only 2 Servo motor will operate at single time while rest stay off.
Only 2 stepper motor will operate at single time while rest stay off.

Spec of parts
4 Servo Motor (3 pins), VCC, GND, INPUT… require 4v to 6 volts to operate - each
5 Stepper Motor, Bipolar(4 pins)- Voltage rating : 7.4 V to operate - each
LCD Display - 16 characters wide, 2 rows - 4-bit mode requires seven I/O pins from the Arduino
The keypad - Matrix Keypad, 3x4, 7 pins

I plan on using Arduino Pro and Arduino Motor Shield?
Question: can all the part be Controlled by Arduino Pro and Arduino Motor Shield? Will i need more than one Arduino Pro or Motor Shield.
will i need separate source to power the motors?

Thank you


Depending on what model Motor Shield you get it will control 1 or 2 stepper motors.  You will probably want instead to use separate stepper drivers for each stepper: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10267  They will use three pins each (Enable, Direction, Step).  Five of those won't leave enough pins on an Arduino Pro to do the servos or parallel LCD. You should get an Arduino Mega to have enough pins to control everything.
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