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If you were using windows I would say you're trying to open the .pde file from explorer. I don't see where opening the file using the Arduino IDE would involve a 'standard application'.

Can you open that file with a text-editor?

Is this your first computer?


Instead of giving up, how about answering my question about what the sketch is doing inside the application in the application folder?

I'm starting to doubt if you even have the IDE downloaded. Did you make a folder call Arduino in the Applications folder, put your sketch in it, and try to open it?
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Definitely a weird file structure.  The mac Arduino download is a zip file with just the Arduino application inside that should be dragged into the applications folder.


When you say you are doing "File -> Open" from the Arduino IDE, does the application name next to the Apple icon in the menu bar say "Arduino" or "Finder"?

It sounds like you are trying to do File -> Open from Finder.  If you have never launched the Arduino IDE, Finder won't know to associate PDE (or INO) with the Arduino IDE.  Trying to open from inside of Arduino IDE should never give the error message.

Plus, you can give up on this particular file.  I've already given you the code inside of it.  From the Arduino IDE's blank Window you can just copy and paste.
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