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Louis Davis

From a command line, launch arduino.exe with the following command:

arduino.exe --l4j-debug

Then send us the launch4j.log file in the Arduino folder to see if that tells us anything.


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I seem to be having the same issue.  I just installed Arduino on my Win7 PC into the C:/ directory. When I double click on the Arduio icon, the Blue intro screen shows up and then disappears, but does not open the program.  I tried everything in this thread.  I attached my log file.  Any ideas?


I've a same issue. I tryed all but application doesn't start. Anybody help me?
Kind regards,


I sloved this problem by coping the rxtxSerial.dll to the "c:\windows" directory. I'm using arduino in win7 64bit.


Deleting the preferences file worked for me after everything else failed.

c:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Arduino\preferences.txt (Windows Vista\Windows 7)

- Arduino failed to launch, waited a minute, launch 4j error appeared
- Disabled bluetooth (no WiFi installed)
- Uninstalled V1.0 and tried with previous version - same error
- Uninstalled Java, tried again
- Multiple javaw.exe appearing in processes
- Renamed / deleted the Arduino folder under <user>
- Looked through the log to see where the program was hanging (no success)
- added EN to the profile (was empty before); can't even remember where I found that idea...
- Replaced rxtxSerial.dll file

... finally deleted the preferences file and all seems to be ok.



I've just taken delivery of a DUE (This is my first time with Arduino)

I'm experiencing a problem similar to this thread with the IDE showing the splash screen momentarily on start up and then closing.

I've done virtually everything suggested in this thread and am lost for any other clues.

- Win7 64 bit
- Downloaded IDE 1.5.2 (Never had Arduino installed previously)
- Installed Com port drivers successfully, with DUE connected by USB to programming port.
- Double click Arduino.exe in extracted files directory
- PROBLEM - The splash screen shows for few seconds and closes.

Attempted remedies;
1. Extracted IDE v1.5.2 to a shorter path directory - Problem still exists
2. Tried manually setting com port number to com1, com2 (Was something hi like com19 ) - Problem still exists
3. Tried deleting the preferences.txt file - Problem still exists
4. Updated Java 32 bit and Java 64 bit - Problem still exists
5. Tried executing Arduino.exe as administrator  - Problem still exists
6. Tried installing and executing from a different account on same PC   - Problem still exists
7. Tried IDE V1.0.4 - Problem still exists
8. Tried IDE  "arduino-0023". This loads and seems to work
9. Exexuted from command line with "arduino.exe --l4j-debug" - Problem still exists with output below.

Has anyone else experinced this or know of a solution? Perhaps there's something I've missed

CmdLine:   C:\Arduino\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\arduino.exe --l4j-debug
WOW64:      yes
Working dir:   C:\Arduino\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\.
Bundled JRE:   java
Check launcher:   C:\Arduino\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\java\bin\javaw.exe (n/a)
64-bit search:   SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment...
Match:      SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.7
Match:      SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.7.0_17
Using 64-bit runtime.
64-bit search:   SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Development Kit...
32-bit search:   SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Development Kit...
Check launcher:   C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe (OK)
Add classpath:   lib\pde.jar
Add classpath:   lib\core.jar
Add classpath:   lib\jna.jar
Add classpath:   lib\ecj.jar
Add classpath:   lib\RXTXcomm.jar
Add classpath:   lib\commons-exec-1.1.jar
Launcher:   C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe
Launcher args:   -Xms128m -Xmx128m -classpath "lib;lib\pde.jar;lib\core.jar;lib\jna.jar;lib\ecj.jar;lib\RXTXcomm.jar;lib\commons-exec-1.1.jar" processing.app.Base
Args length:   145/32768 chars
Exit code:   1

Louis Davis

The launch4j log indicates the IDE is trying to use the 64 bit version of Java.

The IDE is not 64 bit compatible and requires 32 bit Java.

The log also indicates it is not able to locate the version of Java that is bundled with the IDE.
Can you verify that the Java directory is located at the location in the log file:
Check launcher:   C:\Arduino\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\java\bin\javaw.exe (n/a)


Thanks heaps Louis

You are right. Java wasn't present in the directory, as for some reason it hadn't unzipped properly.

I performed another extract of the package and works fine now.



I have the same launch4j-problem. Deleting preferences.txt etc. didn`t help.   =(

I'm using win 7 64

Here is the launch4j.log file:

CmdLine:   C:\arduino-1.0.4-windows\arduino-1.0.4\arduino.exe --l4j-debug
WOW64:      yes
Working dir:   C:\arduino-1.0.4-windows\arduino-1.0.4\.
Bundled JRE:   java
Check launcher:   C:\arduino-1.0.4-windows\arduino-1.0.4\java\bin\javaw.exe (OK)
Add classpath:   lib\pde.jar
Add classpath:   lib\core.jar
Add classpath:   lib\jna.jar
Add classpath:   lib\ecj.jar
Add classpath:   lib\RXTXcomm.jar
Launcher:   C:\arduino-1.0.4-windows\arduino-1.0.4\java\bin\javaw.exe
Launcher args:   -Xms128m -Xmx128m -classpath "lib;C:\arduino-1.0.4-windows\arduino-1.0.4\java\lib\tools.jar;lib\pde.jar;lib\core.jar;lib\jna.jar;lib\ecj.jar;lib\RXTXcomm.jar" processing.app.Base
Args length:   178/32768 chars

I don't understand this, does anyone?


I am having the same issue. Any help, anyone.?

Thanks in advance.
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