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Okay... so long story short, i have this little transistor that i need the non-surface mounted version of. The part # is PHD3055E. I can only find the datasheet, And can't find it anywhere for sale.
So i thought i'd come here and ask, Any ideas on what could replace this?

Here's the datasheet in the google docs viewer.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Well, the datasheet says that the TO-220 thru-hole version is "PHP3055E" - so I imagine it would be that part?


Hmm - re-reading your statement, were you looking for the part number, or something equivalent? If you are looking for something equivalent, have you checked other 3055-type MOSFETs?
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Something equivalent. And no I haven't. I'm not too keen on what would be an equivalent one.  :-/ Any pointers?

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