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i built a slideing electric door but i want to play a mp3 or i can convert to something else. it needs to  play instantly cause i hit the open button, and door starts to move, so i need it to play then to, and other code needs to run when it is playing. where do i start?


That is a cool project. 

The door open and make "Shuuuts" .

May need :

Motor to open / close  the door. Relay control, the ends switches

A button to open and close  OR  a beam of light when brake, open or close.

Arduino UNO is fine.

For the sound, see one of the code examples in your IDE, the tone example. A transistor circuit will be use.

That it, in my opinion.



thanks i have the working proto type.
Built with a bidirectional motor pushing/ pulling a slideing door.
tack switches to know when door is shut/ open.
a single open close true/false state push button to decide open or close.
and i use my changed version of the "melody" tutorial to run the "doorbell"
the sound for the door is complicated.
it can't be a MIDI or something to play on a pezio like the doorbell.
do i need to get a wav or mp3 shield/sd reader?
or is their something similar that can get me the same realisim


Nice project! are you building the federation HQ?

An MP3 shield enables you to play any sound, - youtube has enough sound samples from startrek too choose form - or you sample from a DVD?

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thanks. I know mp3 can play it. but how muchof a delay will their be? the delay is my worry.
will it play with the door or will the door start moveing before the sound plays? (door moves approc 10ms after button press. i could change it but i want it to be responsive.

and HQ? no just my little bros bedroom Turbolift door,  viewscree, replicator, console, and a med-bed?


using this mp3 shield http://iprototype.nl/products/arduino/shields/mp3-player mp3's play instantly, no delay using Bill Porter's lib.
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