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Hey guys,

I'm trying to drive a linear actuator (http://www.framo-morat.com/Mini0.html) with an H-bridge driver (http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1212) using PWM. I'd like the actuator to drive 3 inches forward, pause/rest, and reverse direction after a given period.

Presently, I am not yet incorporating feedback.

In pursuit of that, do these inputs seem legitimate? I don't want to break anything!

Driver EN --> Arduino Digital 7
IN1 --> Arduino Digital 4
IN2 --> Arduino Digital 5
D1 --> Arduino GND1
D2 --> Arduino Digital 10
GND --> Arduino GND2
VDD --> 5V

VIN --> Power Source (+)
GND --> Source (-)

OUT1 --> Actuator (+)
OUT2 --> Actuator (-)


I've also seen code written for the dual motor Pololu driver. Is this on the level?

Code: [Select]
#define stby 7
#define motoryon1 4
#define motoryon2 5
#define motorhiz 10

int incoming=0;
int derece;
void setup(){


void loop(){



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