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Is't possible to tell an Arduino device to read an audio file on a computer (with VLC for example)?
Do we absolutely need an embedded solution like an WaveShield? I hope not...



It's pretty easy to do with Processing.org. Look at their examples for reading inputs from an Arduino, then use those concepts to play sound files.
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I already made an trigger detection on analog pins. You gave me exacly the right informations for the next step: "processing.org", to launch an audio file.
ddf.minim.* libraries is the key! (I didn't know about it, nice)

Let's go working...!
see you.

NB: Resolved topic


to tell an Arduino device to read an audio file on a computer

NB: Resolved topic

It is only resolved because you haven't said what you want the arduino to do with the file once you have read it.
I am assuming you want the arduino to then produce the sound ( but you didn't say this).
You will struggle to do this.


Ok "Grumpy_mike". Maybe it's because my english isn't clear enough...

In a first time, I want the Arduino to tell to an application, internally in my computer, to read a sound file (on my sound card output).
In a second time, I want the Arduino to produce the sound in an embedded solution (But waveshield are here for that).
In any cases, resolved because "magegr" gave me a nice reasearsh location: Processing.org.

Ok I'll struggle. But a got a lot of motivation, time an five years of experience in an electronics R&D company (Hope it's a good start). Come on "Grumpy_mike"! You look like an veteran on this forum, so if you have any other solutions or propositions, i'm still open to dialog to make this topic full of matter. I'll be happy to propose and share my hardware and software solutions in the next weeks.

See you.

NB: I don't do problems. There is no problems, only solutions.


I would like to hear what you come up with. I would recommend processing.org as well...

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