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Same here. We are testing emulator, not simulator. If what we do (non-hardware related code) can run on PC, it will be much easier to debug and port back to arduino hardware. It's good to know though that you have a simulator in a good shape already. This will come in handy when time-critical things needs to be simulated and slowed down for developers to see what's going on.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


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I made some additional functions for this simulated environment by adding a DS1307 class. The class was created by Matt Joyce (matt.joyce@gmail.com). I took its shell and bashed in windows stuff. Nice to see the PC time change from my simulated environment running phi_prompt menus and lists.

New list of working pieces:

microSeconds(); //Good luck with this on a multitasking operating system!

PROGMEM related definitions and functions. Seems to be working with "c-strings in PROGMEM and a pointer array in PROGMEM to point to these strings". I have not tested other data types. Be careful with this though, pitfalls may still exist
strlcpy(); // This is only available with GNU C not a standard one but I need it.

LiquidCrystal library. Will work on write(char), print(int) and print(float)

Everything except for below functions, which I don't use
       void noDisplay();                                                         ///< Turns off the display
       void display();                                                           ///< Turn on the display
       void scrollDisplayLeft(); // Hate these scroll functions. Useless
       void scrollDisplayRight();
       void leftToRight();
       void rightToLeft();
       void autoscroll();
       void noAutoscroll();
       void createChar(uint8_t, unit8_t*); // I can't create char on PC

DS1307 all working except for this one I didn't implement. Easy to do though. Also start and stop have no actions. You can't change DOW without changing dates.
   int get(int, boolean);

phi_interfaces input device library only has the phi_serial_keypads class which takes inputs from keyboard. Function keys are wsadfg of course (who didn't play some FPS games?)

phi_prompt user interface library works except that the right arrow looks different and the scroll bar is not as awesome as on real LCD

Will attach code and a sample once I get one done.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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