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I have changed them, and it didn't worked
I dont know if it not work because I have broken it making the connection wrong or if is not compatible at all

aaahggg!! :)

thanks for your help :)


Couple things. Where exactly did you swap the wires?  Also can you take a clearer picture of the area where the white wires are soldered to the board?


I hope you can see it well because there are too many wires with the same colour in a small place


Aren't you supposed to set Digital Pin 2 to ground to turn the GPS on? Also where did you switch the wires at...the white wires or at the 6 pin connector that plugs into the board?


The pin 2 is conected to ground under atmel processor as it is show here:


I have connected:
Option 2. Wiring using an Arduino


Now I'm really confused.  Option 2 requires pulling the Atmel chip out, putting in a wire and leaving the Atmel chip out.  If the chip is out what are you uploading sketches too?


No, I have to put the atmel chip in this place after I cheated the pin 2 connecting it to ground

tanks :)


I have bought another GPS module and I have connected it directly to arduino without  gpsloggershield and its works!

I think GPS loggershield is not compatible with EM-411


@ wayneft.

"My advice (use at your own risk) is to swap the lines on the GPS connector for pins 3 and 4 and everything should work just
fine after that.

I just got the Adafruit GPS logger and the EM-411 GPS module not knowing they weren't compatible out of the box. I took your advice and switched the pins (clipped and re-soldered) where the Module connects to the Shield. Plugged it back in and it worked perfectly. Amazing, thanks for this advice, I'm so happy I found it!

Thank you Wayneft your a genius.

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