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I am looking for a better way to program and wire up the led,
my goal is to make 60 leds that can flash one after the other, this led will place in the wood that each one is 6" apart,
of course I try to wire this up in series, to save the wire, but I also know this is not possible for the sequence program too, is there any better way to do this nice and simple.
any suggestion welcome.


Sure, wire them up as an 8x8 matrix.  Use a part like the MAX7219 or MAX7221, or just wire up your matrix and drive it as if you the Arduino was the MAX7221.
8 Outputs drive anodes  in a column high, 1 common cathode per is pulled low using a ULN2803.
repeat 7 more times:
anodes on, cathode1 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode2 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode3 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode4 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode5 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode6 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode7 on, then off.
anodes on, cathode8 on, then off.

In between cycles, make updates to the bytes that are sent out as anode information.

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