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This is probably really easy but its got me stumped so hoping some folks out there can shed some light for me.

I'm trying to hook up an arduino to a standard step and direction based stepper motor driver.  I've got some code that pulses a sequence of steps to the controller.  That part seems to be ok - e.g. I can get the stepper moving from the pulses generated by the arduino.  But now for the confusing part - the motor always turns as if there is a value on the direction pin regardless of whether the pin is set high or low.  As far as I can figure, the direction pin on the stepper controller seems to see any connection as a high signal and results in the stepper receiving a signal on the pin regardless of whether or not the pin is set high on the arduino.  Just as an experiment I disconnected the direction pin while the stepper was running and it immediately changed direction.  Plugging the lead into anything including just straight to ground results in the stepper changing direction.  



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try checking the physical connection & electrical continuity between the Arduino and stepper. Sometimes a bad solder joint makes a connection look OK when it isn't. Also make sure you have a ground connected between the Arduino and the stepper.

You could also try putting a voltmeter on the Arduino pin in question, to see if it is actually going high/low according to the code.


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