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I am doing a project for a kinetics and interactive art class. My coding was erroring so I did stuff like updating FTDI drivers, re-downloading and installing the libraries from the wiki page and "restarting my system" and now my coding compiles and uploads but my sounds come out as terrible garble and my project is a sassy teddy bear who says douchey things. I want to work in an infrared sensor, but also want to get the sound files to play before messing with sensor coding. start with the easy stuff no?
I'm working with a windows 7 64 bit OS.
That is the shield I am working with, and an arduino uno board. I'm working with the lower section on how to play music randomly, and have successfully uploaded the sketch called MusicPlayRandomly (which came straight from that wiki link with no modifications)

[#include <Arduino.h>
#include <avr/io.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "player.h"
#include "vs10xx.h"

#include <Fat16.h>
#include <Fat16Util.h>
#include "newSDLib.h"

void setup()





 if (!initialSDCard())

 RED_LED_ON();//light red LED

void loop()
 file.traverseDir("MP3");//find all the .mp3 files in the root directory.

 while(1)playFile();    //shuffle your music you find in the root directory of SD card.

The Arduino uno board came with blink automatically installed and after I uploaded this sketch blink stopped working but I still believe the sketch isn't actually uploaded cause I am just getting crazy garble from my speaker and the speaker works with other devices. I have sounds on my SD card as well.  ><' So any suggestions for troubleshooting would be wonderfully helpful.


I have not worked with that shield, but based on using others, my first guess is to make sure your sound files are all the right kind.
For example, if you use the Sparkfun MP3 shield they must be 192kbs MP3 files.  If you use Adafruit's Wave shield they must be WAV files.

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