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HI to all the forum members,

I designed a board  with 8keys, as we all know that with the help of this 8keys we can produce 256 combinations.

i took few combinations and written code to generate ASCII values with respected those combinations which matches our standard PS-2 keyboard ASCII values.

combination      ASCII(HEX)    KEYBOARD FUNCTION
00101011      41      A
00101100      42      B
00101101      43      C
  .         .      .
  .         .      .
  .           .                  .      
10000000      09      TAB
10000001      0D      ENTER
10000010      E2      WINDOWS
  .         .      .
  .         .      .
  .         .      .

here i attached a video of it where i printed alphabets and numbers in hyper terminal window.


but now i need to control my computer with the combination of this 8key board instead of standard ps-2 key board.

i connected the board to the computer through USB interface not RS232.

now i need to translate those ASCII CODE TO USB PC KEYBOARD functionality.


Should i need any Hardware in between the board i designed and the PC.

OR should i need any software to be loaded on the PC so that it would convert the incoming ASCII value in to key board functionality so that i can control my PC (i.e., like when we connect a standard PS-2 OR USB based keyboards to our PC it asks for drivers).

AND with what baud rate should i transmit those ASCII values to the computer , for the above example i used 9600 baud rate.


Many modern Arduinos can be reprogrammed to look like a keyboard. Once you do this, though, programming gets trickier. Here's someone who looks like he's done it:


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