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WilliamK Govinda

I was very impressed with this custom Beat707 design that I decided to share with you guys!! From what I heard this is open-source, but I don't know yet. The software is open-source.



Aside from the OP context:

As far as I understood until now, since there are double postings on the Audio category here from William and Beat707, understanding that he's wusik designer, I felt this was the same guy with double accounts.

So this thread looks like a "double add" push to me.

Especially when looking at this :

Postby Beat707 ยป Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:15 pm
Someone posted about this over the Arduino Audio forum. 8-)



Is'nt the "Beat707" admin supposed to know who this "someone" is by essence?

Looks odd to me.
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WilliamK Govinda

Suspicious you are, eh? ;-)

I'm the coder in the Beat707 and also the forum admin, I just write like that as it sounded ok, nothing more than that.

Anyway, I didn't double post, I found about this custom design and wanted to post here as its just very cool! Simple as that. Plus, I don't get a cent from doing this, just wanted to share the love around, as our software is fully open-source.

Now, anything else you need to know? Otherwise, lets talk about this guy's design, its just very cool!  :smiley-mr-green:


Think we have to call the world book of records for the largest Arduino shield ever ;)

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Merci !
and I think I also fighting record of aspirin   :P :P

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