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hello,i'm newbie in arduino and even in circuit connection.i want to build my own arduino severino.before put the circuit into PCB,i wnt to try  on breadboard.is that possible to build it on breadboard.Is there any idea or any source that show how to do it.can we burn the bootloader into atmega328 without arduino main board?. =( =( =(


It's very easy, to burn the bootloader on a naked microcontroller. All you need is a ISP (in-system-programmer). I have some different ISPs, for instance the atmel mk2, a diamex-isp and actually a new isp in my collection:
It's a very cheap one, but you can use in directly from the Arduino-IDE.

Mein verwaister Arduino-Blog: http://www.sth77.de/ - letzter Eintrag: Diamex-ISP in der irgendwann mal aktuellen Arduino-IDE 1.6.4


thnx for that information.. is they anyone of you know what the meaning of this sentence that inside arduino severino manual,in sofware tips:
When bootloading na Atmega8 chip with Arduino 0010, there is a
command (-i800) that makes bootloader delay 10 minutes. So, if you
need to use bootloader, use command line instead of IDE, removing
"-i800" command and adding "-F" command, or use Arduino 0007
IDE. To upload sketches Arduino 0010 works fine.

I can't find -i800. or u can said that i dont knw how to find.. please help me.. :) :) :)

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