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I am trying to connect my newly bought UNO board to my PC. When first time I plugged in the Usb cable a message was displayed by Windows drivers not successfully installed. Then I openned device manager and there was no entry under COM for the device. My UNO is with green light ON and another one (amber) blinking contineously... Will anybody help.. Thanx


This message - "drivers not successfully installed" should give you the idea that there was a problem installing the drivers for the Arduino. If the drivers aren't installed then the Arduino is not going to show up as a COM port.

Try installing the driver and see if that makes things work.


Thank u very much for ur concern. I have also installed the drivers fro m FTDI as windows wa unable to find the drivers given with Arduino installation package. Still is not working in device manager its entry is in "Other devices"  as  'unknown device' ....


Solved actually I was giving the FTDI USB Drivers  path instead of Audino UNO.inf which is in main folder of Drivers in main folder not within FTDI USB Drivers. Thank you very much for ur kind support.....

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