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I have been struggling with adding the ethernet shield 2  the device card address to the  address code shown below.

byte mac[] = { 0xA8,0x61,0x0A,0xAE,0x85,0xC4 }; //this is one of my attempts.

The address on the card is  A8:61:0A:AE:85:C4

I am attempting a simple project i.e. switching a LED on & off (D2 to Ground).
I would appreciate some help as it seems my computer is not finding the address. 
The shield LED indicators appear to be functioning correctly.




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Are you using one of the Ethernet Library examples?  Which one?  "WebServer"?  Are you using the IP address that is used in that example? Are your router and DNS Server at  If not, you have to specify the DNS Server and Gateway Router addresses in Ethernet.begin().

Does your router's address on the LAN start with 192.168.1?  If not, you need to pick an address that is on your network.
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