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If you have an Arduino Mega, you have to do a hardware hack to get it work, the link is given in th description of the library


Has anyone experience with this library and the nanode ? (http://wiki.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/Project:Nanode)

Where can I buy a nanode for testing?

Nanode v5 ??and nanode rf with the library Ethernet_ENC28J60 does not work.
Nanode and Arduino difference:
Pin 8 of the pin used by the microcontroller to select the ENC28J60 for the SPI bus.


Hello all, any update on this? I'm using your library, with small upgrade as I needed e.print(float).

Additionally, everyone interested in ENC board, this works perfectly, and it's quite cheap + almost free shipping! 3.79€ + 0.50€


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