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Hi there,
I have the following project in mind:
wire an led strip to a bike dynamo - the faster the user pedals, the more LEDs light up. So the led strip would be a direct indicator of how fast the user is going. This is for an ecological project, so I'd like to use manpower only (if possible i'd like to avoid using a circuit to boost the output voltage).

If anybody has any feedback on this problem I'd really appreciate it. The led strip would have roughly 50 LEDs.




What voltage do you get out of the dynamo. Without the minimum 5V then you can't get an arduino to work and without 12V the commercial LED strips will not work.
Do you want to use  commercial LED strips or build your own.
Basically you need to get a good profile of what the dynamo will give you.


when I asked the question I was expecting a hardware solution

OK use a LM3914 - no arduino needed.

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