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I'm working on a PCB design in eagle and now that I'm on the routing stage I've realized how tough it is to get *every* 5v pin on the 1280 connected properly (due to space constraints). So my question is, do all the 5v pins on the 1280 (or any ATMEGA chip for that matter) need to be connected or are they all internally connected anyway?


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If you check the Atmel data sheet they say you must supply Vcc power to all designated pins, at least that is my memory.

As far as routing all the I/O pins, you might want to check out the Seeeduino site, their mega board (which is the same form factor size as the smaller Arduino board by the way) routes all the I/O pins to connector pads. They have the various board layout files avalible for downloading.



Cool, thanks. I was just wondering about the 5v pins because they *tend* to take up extra space, making the routing process more of a hassle.

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