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Hi everybody,

I'm new on this forum but I learnt a lot on many things whith what I read here. I'm gonna a introduce myself very quickly, my name is Kévin and I'm 24 years old, and I'm currently finishing a training by mentoring in an engineer school. (I'm french so sorry for my english...)

That's why I come here, during our last year we had to work on a project by group of 6, in order to validate our skills and knowledge. Our mentors asked us to work on a project that will be able to warm and press composite materials.

We decided to use and Arduino to control all the process, and warm the plate. That's why I decided to create a blog on all the stuff that we've done to share it with the community. Sorry for the moment it's all in french but I'm working on the traduction. For the moment it's just the beginning, but I hope to post a topic per week and the fun part about the Arduino is coming soon.

I hope that all the stuff that you will find on this blog we be helpfull for you, because all the things that you shared before have been VERY VERY helpfull for me.

This is the link: http://delatheoriealapratique.blogspot.fr/

If I did something wrong about the forum's rules, explain it to and I'll correct it. (Again sorry for my english, very formal isn't it? lol)



I was interested so I had a look at your blog.
It deals with the theory of the press and materials but I did not find anything related to Arduino there
Do you have another site reference which details the use of an Arduino? or is this just advertising your blog.

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