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Mar 29, 2012, 09:30 am Last Edit: Mar 29, 2012, 09:31 am by apolonio Reason: 1
I have an IR extender from an old Comcast DTA.   Its a nice clean component that I am going to use in my project.

Thought I would share a link on how I used it in my Arduino project.


I'm really happy with this find, makes my project look a bit cleaner, I simply drill a hole for a 3.5mm female jack in my case.

I also figured out how to use my hauppage IR extender as well.


yea I just had to upgrade my tv's to use the basic digital boxes, at first I was raising hell cause its more crap to eat outlets, and raise my power bill. But once installed I nearly doubled my channels so WOOT!

Anywho got 3 boxes, 3 remotes, 3 wall warts (wth comcast your still using unregulated wire wound transformers? its freaking 2012 my 1$ personal radio came with a switching model) and 3 IR photodiodes (well maybe transistors I havent really probed the specifics of behavior)  encased in a sexy black blob and a headphone jack, which 2 hit the parts bin.

not bad for free and forced.

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