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Hey, i am a reaaaaaally beginner in the whole electronics and microcontrollers thing.
My interest started when i built an electrical guitar and found myself really enjoying the soldering/electrical part.

got an Arduino beginner's kit from internet and i am now trying to build a couple of first projects (like this one: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,98177.msg745141.html#new )

But now i have a question...

I am living in Lahti. Where could i find some parts?
I heard about a shop called Bebek. Anyone knows it?

Any other ideas?

Anyone else from Lahti who would like to sometime give me a hand and teach me a couple of things?



Hi and moi

Bebek is actually in Lahti, they have A LOT of stuff, some really good, some used or salvaged from products or overstock, and very good prices.
They are not that much into Arduino.
The web-address is www.bebek.fi and the shop is at Hirsimetsäntie 26.

Another good source with a good webshop is Partco, www.partco.fi and they are in Helsinki.
They have quite a lot of arduino-stuff, and also otherwise very good service.

Then You should check out www.robomaa.fi, www.probyte.fi, www.vekoy.com

Good luck


hei, kiitos!

Kyllä, mä kavin Bebekissa ja siellä kaikki oli tosi ystävälinen!
Sieltä ostin "some petenciometer and some capacitors". Mutta minusta tunttu että Bebek on "tradicional electronic stuff", ei ole Arduino. Mä kysuin jos hän tiedä mitä Arduino on (minä tarvitsin apua!!!  :D ). ja sanoi että kyllä hän tiedä mitä se on mutta hä ei ole koskaan "use one".

Se olisi kiva löydä jonku kaveri kuka on "experience" ja voisi näyttä mulle miten tehdä asioita...   ;)

kiitos paljon osoiteista ja kauppat nimit!


I would recommend that if You visit Helsinki then go visit the guys at Partco, they are great guys, very friendly and know a lot about arduino.
Other than that I hope someone who is doing ardu-stuff would also write here so they could help You.

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