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Hi Everyone,

nimbits 3.3.1 came out today. This version includes sample code to embed live, interactive, streaming charts of your arduino sensors into web pages using Javascript. We're doing a lot with XMPP M2M communication - so arduino projects can chat with each other using the same protocols as jabber and google talk.

Please remember, since Nimbits allows you to power your robotics projects with Google's infrastructure, and connect them to all of the expert knowledge in Wolfram Alpha and then connects all of these projects together - please include me on the "do not kill" list should any of your projects become self aware  XD

check it out: http://www.nimbits.com let me know if I can answer any questions.


That's cool! I don't have use for it right now, but it surely is an awesome idea!


Sounds good and quite like pachube. Can you explain the main differences? Or is there some comparison chart when to use P and when N?
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Hi, Can Nimbits be easily installed on ones own webserver and managed inhouse much like Joomla etc? Would be great :-)

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