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Feb 27, 2018, 07:08 pm Last Edit: Feb 28, 2018, 07:42 am by osmancns
Hello. i have a big problem i need yours help.
i use RB7008SB and arduino. i made a inverter circuit.
i see SBUS protocol data on putty no problem but data frame is different.
data frame problem same like this post:
@Glattnos --> #63
here is my sbus output on putty


Hello, i have tryed to run this Programm  https://github.com/kreidler/SBus_Decoder  on a Pro Mini 3,3V.
But there is a Problem with the PWM Output. The Pro Mini give out a PWM Signal but not the correct Framerate and Puls! The Framerate should be 20 ms but it is about 45 ms and the puls is also 2-4 ms!
So my Servos run to the Endpoint at middle Position!
I think this can be a Problem with the 8 MHz instead of 16 MHz Rate by a Pro Mini 3,3V!
Is it Possible to change the Progamm for a Pro Mini 3,3V 8 Mhz?
I dont know much about Programming so please give me excact Instuctions or a changed Programm!

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