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Hi there,

I am taking my first steps with stepper motors ( 8)) and I would love to try and use three big one I've salvaged from an old photocopy machine:
3.7v 1A
4.08V 1.7A
3.8V 2A
all with 1.8 Deg/Step specifics.. What would be the best way to control them? I already have a ladyada motorshield but since I would need external power anyhow I was considering building my own circuit for it. Any advice is more then welcome!

Thanks to everybody!


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well - those not normal Volts maybe a issue and the Motor shield is max 1.2A again another problem :( so
I was considering building my own circuit for it
so it would realy be the only way to go ,, you would need some correctly rated trasistors but the volts again will be something more inportant to work on, do you still have the supplys from the copiers ?
another thought - if you still have those copiers, you maybe able to use its part (trasistor/ h-bridge) and be ahead


They are bipolars?  I'd use the proper driver electronics for low-resistance bipolars, something like A4988, L6208, or other constant current PWM microstepping control chip - Pololu have a little breakout board for the A4988 for instance: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1182

Without the high voltage supply and PWM controller you won't get anything like full speed from the motors and you'll have trouble finding a power supply or H-bridge that works at those low voltages.
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