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Hello good people.

I have a vision and I am in my basement and Im just banging my head.

I want to use solar energy to charge a 12V battery (already got that figured out).

I want to control LEDs being run off the 12V with my Arduino. I want to PWM 3 different sets of 5 LEDs.

I currently have a TIP125 transistor that Im trying to just get one set of 5 LEDs to change with.

What is the gain on this transistor, on the specs sheet it does not make sense.

Can I just use individual PWM pins on Arduion and have each use a separate Transistor?

Do I have the wrong transistor? What would be the ideal circuit. THANKS for any input or links or whatever. I


It has a gain greater than 1000.
However it is a PNP type Darlington, so you need to wire it up as such. This can not be used alone with an arduino to switch 12V.


thanks Mike. Yes 1000 gain. I am totally willing to get another transistor to do this. can you recommend any?

Are you sayin that I need some resistors?


A BD679 is the sort of darlington you need, you will need a 4K7 resistor in the base, as well as this transistor.

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