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Not-for-profit community space MadLab for the tech, digital and creatives based in the Northern Quarter in Manchester is running professional training courses, Omniversity of Manchester http://omniversity.madlab.org.uk

There are two up-coming courses in March which you might be interested in.

Beginners guide to Arduino and Physical Computing
March 23, 2012

Physical Computing' and Arduino devices have made physical interaction affordable and available to non-experts. Whether creating interactive installations, information systems, prototyping products, or making new interfaces, there is a whole world of DIY electronics, interaction design and rapid prototyping available through this platform.

Building the Internet of Things - Arduino and Ethernet (IOT)3
March, 31, 2012

The Arduino boards have become the de facto choice for physical computing projects and, with the addition of an Ethernet shield, make an excellent platform on which to explore the Internet of Things.

For booking and more information check here: http://omniversity.madlab.org.uk/upcoming-courses/


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