0-9 and A-F not working on 7-seg displays

Currently with my current setup and code, the entire segment just lights up “8”

But it seems like the single A, B, C, D…etc… pins aren’t lighting up, on

I used to have this working a couple months ago, but I had to re-wire everything. anyone see an issue? (it used to work before)


_0_9_A_Z.ino (2.6 KB)

Do you mean to have this wire where it is?

2-5-2014 8-57-17 PM.jpg

no my other side of that wire is already in ground, if i move that wire to where u want it, i get failiure

Show us a schematic.

i got it working, i was not suppose to ground the 7 seg's

Always blame yourself :wink: