0.96 inch display wiring and library.

I just bought a display and I am wondering if someone knows how to interface to these using Arduino Uno?
This is the specific one I bought: 0.96 inch screen

It says it can work in multiple modes: 3-wire SPI, 4 wire SPI, IIC.

Any help on how to wire the display and a library that I can use is greatly appreciated.


Never mind.
I found out that the display functions with the Adafruit library.

If anyone else is interested then follow this link to Adafruit tutorial on SPI (I2C) monochrome display Tutorial for monochrome SPI (I2C) displays

I have not tested it out much but I suspect that it has some overhead since it depends on their GFX library.
If someone finds another library that works with these nice little displays then please do post a link here.