0.96" OLED display. Dump a bitmap.

Hi everybody,

I have purchased this display, that i’ve managed to make it work by using the u8g library (a huge, cyclopeus work; thanks olikraus).

It seems to be a “SSD1309” type.

Does anybody know how to draw a single pixel and how to dump a bitmap to it (examples are for lines, ASCII set, circles and so on).

Thanks. Best regards.

I found this

Have you seen this ? LCD assistant lets you draw something that converts it to .hex so you can display any image you want.





to draw a pixel and


to draw a XBM bitmap. Use gimp to convert and export your picture to XBM. Paste the content of the xbm file directly into your .ino file as described in the above link.



Thank you for your software and for all your -previous- work. Congratulations too.

I'll do so.

Best regards.