0.96'' OLED display internal schematic

Hello! I need the SSD1306 0.96'' I2C OLED display internal schematic, with the value of resistors and capacitors. Is someone who has the schematic of this module? Thank you.

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maybe you'll find what you are looking for here (under Schematic & Fabrication Print):

can you explain why you need this?

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That page also provides a link to the Eagle CAD files for three version of the board:

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Thank you so much. I need this because I'm developing my own PCB with an OLED display, so I don't want to use the module but use just the display and put the other things like resistors and capacitors on my PCB.

But, in that page the OLED has 8 pins, and the one that I have has just 4 pins (GND, VCC, SCL and SDA). Do you know how can I modify the schematic for my OLED?

Maybe you want the original model or the V2 model.


I think you will find there is more than just resistors and capacitors.
You would be better just using the module and plugging it into your PCB design.

Also the method of connecting the OLED connector strip to the PCB is I gather not simple.

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