0 experience, Arduino Nano and a 4 digit display


First of all, since i’m new to this site, nice to meet you all. My name is Daniel, and i’m from the netherlands.
I recently started moving the insides of my Asrock ion 330 media center into a broken Beomaster 5000 amp.
All is good on that part, fits quite well actually. This amp has a very simple display i would like to keep in it, but
obviously also working with the media center (XBMCbuntu) in some sort of way. So i got an Arduino nano to keep
everything as small as possible, but since i have never done this before, i already don’t know how to move forward.
Here are the pictures of what i have

I have searched around for this kind of display, but i can’t find anything. my 0 experience/understanding also doesn’t help things.
So if anyone can help me make this work, it would be very much appreciated.
Also i added a PDF of the technical data of this amp which includes some of the display data on page 19/20.

beomaster5000a.pdf (3.97 MB)

Or should i just start looking for another "similiar" display. any advice is welcome.

Can anybody offer help in any way ? even if it is just pointing me the way to something more simple.

Unless you can find the datasheet for the display and feel confident in your abilities to make it work, I'd look for another display.
Personally I would take something that has available documentation and preferably an existing library.

All i have is that pdf. Problem is, i can't really find one with the right dimensions. it's not gonna fit unless it's a tiny bit smaller, i could make that work i guess. it's about 43x12mm. Could you point me in the direction of one like that on like ebay that
would be "easy" to get working for my needs ?
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Something like this?

No, it's too tall. 14mm won't fit. and 30 mm length is a bit short.
also, couldn't use it to display a clock. but thanks

Wow, thanks for all the help guys

Last try.

Surely people here have knowledge about this stuff.

You just need 4 digits? How about one of these littel bubble displays?

Very easy to control with a MAX7219.
I have a little board set up for one, search the forum for "bubblelicious" for posts that LarryD put up with pictures.

Thanks, it's a cool display, but looks like it's way too small.
I would love to use the original display i have, if not possible, something similar, also in size.

Copacetic, that display was probably designed by B&O for their products. Its not a standard part. Your only chance would be to find an engineer who worked for B&O around the time that model was sold.

A much better use of your time would be to find something available now and build something from that.

I think you should look for a clock display around 0.28" size. That will be around 10mm tall but only about 30mm wide.

Digikey's page here will help you find suitable displays:


I see, thanks for the explanation.

I did find this on the sparkfun site
seems they have partners here in holland too. luckily.

which is similar in size. are there any resistors or other stuff i'm gonna need to order to make it work ?

4 current limit resistors at a minimum; you can cycle thru all 28 segments one at a time, turning on each one for 1/30/28 = ~1mS each.

Better is this:
4 PNP transistors, 4 gate resistors.
8 current limit resistors
1 TPIC6D595.
Drive each digit on one at a time for 1/30/4 = ~8mS. Will be much brighter.

TPIC6B595, 6C595, 6D595, all will work well.


... are 2 possible ways

ok, this gets confusing fast.

I have to order on a dutch site, and none of those numbers show up there.

Could you squeeze one of these in (13mm high)?

I have to order on a dutch site, and none of those numbers show up there.

They offer this, but height is 12.8mm: https://iprototype.nl/products/components/led-lcd/led-bar-4xsegment-red

Why that site, or why only dutch site?

No, that wouldn't fit. there really is not much space. It sort of slides into a slot. I have the complete B&O 5000 set. That's why i would have liked to keep it stock looking. But since that is just too difficult, i will settle with the next best thing.
In the end i don't really need it to do much, a standby light, time for music/movies.

And yeah, a dutch site, because i live in holland. it would be here way faster, and way cheaper.