0017 IDE bug

anyone had this problem? :o


oh darn… k how do you put photos on here, you really need to see it to understand…

anyway, the problem didn’t happen while i was uninstalling Python, that’s as technical as i can get…

if someone knows how to post photos please help! then i can show you my problem!

You need to upload the photo to some photo sharing site. Then, select the image button (3rd button on the top row), and paste the URL for the photo between the tags.

ok, thanks paul.
this is what i am seeing…
hope that helps…

thanks everyone!

You picked the link button, not the image button...

I think your camera needs to see an eye doctor. It's got double double vision...

anyone had this problem?

I've seen a similar image posted here before.

The problem may be due to a conflict between the Java runtime installed with your PC's OS and the runtime supplied with Arduino. A good start will be to "hide" the java subfolder that came with Arduino. You can do this by renaming the java subfolder in the Arduino directory structure (e.g. to "x_java"). Then reboot your PC and try again.

If there are still issues - I would download and upgrade to the latest Java runtime appropriate for your PC and OS (leaving the Arduino Java folder hidden).

Success! Renaming the java folder fixed my problems, Thanks Everyone!

Do you have the same problem with Arduino 0018?