0017 issues - Windows XP

I've noticed the following differences in 0017 that nag me somewhat.

  1. When starting the IDE (arduino.exe file), the most recent sketch is no longer opened, but rather a new sketch.

  2. If you open a sketch with character/encoding issues from within the IDE (File - Open), the error message is listed on the first instance rather than the new instance the error applies to.

  3. The IDE application icon (top left) is replaced with the Java default icon making it more difficult to distinguish from other applets.

I was wondering if others have noticed the same and whether you see it as an issue or perhaps you are aware of workarounds?


I have noticed both 1 and 3. I have to say that I don’t like them much either and prefer the previous behavior. There is a way to write this up as a bug report but for now this forum append should do.

Re: #1, another thread noted that if you close the IDE with File > Exit instead of the Close Button in the far upper right, then the next time you start the IDE, it opens the previous sketch. I have not verified this myself, but simply pass it along here.

Temporary work-around if it is true, but it might be useful to you.

Thanks for the feedback!

I tried exit with "File - Quit" (Ctrl+Q) and the sketch was then reloaded on startup as TBAr suggested. Apparently, the Ctrl+Q command will close all open IDE windows (this surprised me at first), but will also restore accordingly (one or more windows will open) the next time Arduino.exe starts.